Wax Seals : Society for Creative Founders

Client : Kristin Wilson, Society for Creative Founders

Date : February 2018

About : Kristin Wilson, owner of Society for Creative Founders, put out a call early in 2018 to SCF Conference alumni (I attended in both 2012 & 2016) for a small design project. I responded, and she asked me to design a wax seal that would become part of a “styling box,” full of props for Spring 2018 conference attendees to use when taking styled photos of their products. I presented several ideas, with design elements ranging from envelopes to scissors to laurel wreaths. Ultimately she chose an ampersand design because she felt was the most versatile when considering the wide range of products and styles of the attendees. Wax Seals turned my design into the self-adhesive seals you see here. I’m so thrilled with how they turned out! And I also love how they compliment the other wax seals that feature the SCF logo! (Note: I only designed the ampersand wax seals. Every other piece in the photos that follow is copyrighted by its respective owner.)

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